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 Frequently Asked Questions

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PostSubject: Frequently Asked Questions   Frequently Asked Questions I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 10, 2010 1:36 am

Question 01:

Is Haafinheim Forest just a fuckin' endless, boring sea of trees?

Answer 01:

Nope, It includes

- hidden Falmer Ruins
- Castle Ruins
- Bandit Camps
- Barbarian Camps
- The Citys/ Villages Dunbarrow, Dragon Brigde and Dunstad Grove plus 2 small unmetioned settlements
- A number of Herimts
- An ancient ritual place
- Mines
- Caves
: A few Dungeons (NOT Caves, DUNGEONS like in Arena and Daggerfall)

Question 02:

Performance Haafinheim Forest??? - Slideshow???

Answer 02:

Using the original BM-Pines caused some FPS Trouble with MGE using Distant Land in the past. Musilpa's sparsed foilage trees fixed that problem in general cause it reduced the count of faces per cell, InGame there is not a noticeable difference cause the trees and foilage are very close togehter, too close to notice that they are sparsed. The outer areas and less dense areas will use the full foilage versions.

FPS (With use of MGE + Distant Land)

Old: 5-8 FPS (10-11 with FPS Optimizer)

New 11-18 FPS (22- 30 with FPS Optimizer)

Question 03

Is every Forest so dense like Haafinheim Forest?

Answer 03

Nope, every forest will be different from foilage and density. That major disadvantage of a dense forest is that you could use only smaller creatures like wolfs, wargs, deers, wildhog, moosebull, sabertooth, snowleopard, spriggan, rabbit, squirell, foxes, rats and other small ones.

A problem with the bears in my opinion is the animation of the bears itself...a wolf or spriggan attack very straight...but a bear is running arround like a drunken sailor, even on a free blank cell without many objects affraid
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Frequently Asked Questions
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